It is an immune disease that is characterized by the involvement of the joint surface (wear and tear) in a chronic way, which can cause progressive and symmetrical disability. It occurs in a higher proportion in women of reproductive age, although it is also described in young women.
Clinical manifestations include joint pain, swelling, redness, and even limited movement. In addition, there is a condition outside the joints: keratitis, pulmonary granulomas (rheumatoid nodules), pericarditis / pleurisy, small vessel vasculitis and other nonspecific symptoms.
Patients with untreated active “RA” present a reduction in total cholesterol and high-density (good) cholesterol, fatigue and slow thinking, Pulmonary fibrosis due to chronic inflammatory processes, secondary Sjogren's syndrome, in skeletal muscles: sarcopenia; in the bones: osteoporosis and may have an increased risk of cancer, especially hematological and kidney

How can it be treated?

  • You should contact your medical provider to carry out the pertinent diagnostic tests that will confirm the diagnosis and thus initiate the necessary pharmacological treatment.
  • Exercise is important to promote flexibility and joint function.
  • Stop smoking as it favors the inflammatory process and the formation of antibodies that will continue to damage your joints.
  • Get a proper nutritional assessment to establish a healthy diet.
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