About us?

We are a non-profit organization in the Florida area that has been created with the firm intention of setting precedents while making a difference by helping others and being accompanied by those who decide to share our vision. Emphasized in the area of ​​psychological and general health and well-being, at Let’s Be Different Florida we are interested in showing that no matter what we go through, we all have a purpose to achieve for the glory of God.

Our vision

We will create innovative projects that make a difference in our community to build a more equitable and just society where everyone can have a decent life and cover their basic needs.

Our mission

Facilitate health, physical, mental, and spiritual education to improve the quality of life of the less privileged.

Our founder

Hello, my name is Tammy Wynette Hernandez and I am the founder of Let’s Be Different Florida. To give you a short summary about me and this project that, in the beginning was mine and now is yours and of all those who wish to join us, I can tell you that it all began when I was 16 years old, on a missionary trip with other young people, there I was able to serve various communities and permeate myself with their needs. Definitely, that trip marked my life! Then it was my pastor, my father, “Abidan Hernández”. Seeing him serve people with such passion was a point of no return in my life. Thus the years passed and the service kept appearing in front of me, seducing me with its gratifying and sublime purpose. When my maternal grandmother was ill, I observed how some nurses, who did not know her, gave her excellent care. I admired that act of service so much that… I ended up becoming one of them. From then until today, the act of serving others and making a difference in their lives has become the best vitamin for my spirit and my being. Of course, all the achievements I have made in this life were made possible by my God, first of all, and by my parents and older sister. Sister who has motivated me in the moments in which I wanted to give up, she has been key in other areas of my life, with her I learned to fight for what I wanted to achieve without giving up. It is that same impetus, together with the love for God that the family in which I was born instilled in me, that led me to understand the importance of loving God above all things and to do everything as if it were for God. This, we could say that it is my story, now that you know it, at least in part, I hope you feel part of this family called Lets Be Different Florida. God bless you!


We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our community. We offer various services to help individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our commitment is to provide our patients with the highest quality of healthcare.


We offer a variety of programs that provide free primary care, nutritional and preventative maintenance visits, as well as low-priced lab work and specialized studies such as X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, and CT scans. Additionally, we organize workshops and activities to promote wellness and education for women, elders, businesses, and churches. We also provide food once or twice a month and lend medical equipment to those who need it.


We emphasize educating individuals about diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity to increase awareness and support those already affected. Our mobile clinics and health fairs provide information and tools to help individuals achieve positive outcomes. Additionally, we strive to identify the root cause of financial difficulties and provide assistance to help individuals improve their situation and become self-sufficient, reducing reliance on free aid. IMPACT THE LBD ALREADY ACHIEVED We have assisted last year over 3,500 individuals with food, clothing, and other necessities. Our clinic has also provided aid to 500 patients who sought medical assistance.


We have been receiving donations from different private companies.