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Our Founder

Everything started when I was 16 years old when I went in a missionary trip with other youth and I was able to serve in different communities and was able to see the needs of the people and how serving them made a difference in the lives of many. That trip changed my life! Afterwards I continued to see my pastor (my dad Abidan Hernandez) how he served people with passion in what he did. Serving other people became part of my life. When my maternal grandmother got sick I saw how one of the nurses whom didn’t know her, cared for her with excellence. I admired the service and finished turning into one of them. Of course, everything I accomplished were able because of God first of all and because of my parents and my eldest sister who motivated me when I wanted to give up. She was key in others areas of my life, with her I learned to fight for everything I wanted without giving up. I was born into a family where I learned to love God over all things and to do everything as unto God.

I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot from them. Also, I had to confront a health condition in the best stage of my professional and business life. Through that stage I was able to experience what it is to live through the valley of the shadow of death and what it is to trust in God. I experienced several miracles in my life! Just when I was enjoying the success of a miracle of one of my surgeries, I became a victim of a horrible incident that I would not with upon any woman! You know what? I cried out to that whom I so loved and trusted (my God), and I stopped carrying all the pain and suffering from those moments and forgot that ALL WORK FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE GOD. I passed a hard stage in my life, where I depended on professionals and medicine to get out of the dark hole where I found myself. Until one day He spoke to my heart, reminding me that I was alive to serve His purpose in this life and that He was going to heal me of so much pain. I fell on my knees to ask for forgiveness and ask for an opportunity to do what He had called me to do!

This is how this organization came to be, “Let’s be different”, of the experiences that we live that show that no matter what we go through, we all have a purpose to achieve for God’s glory. I was called to take care of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of those that God puts in my path, with the help of those who were called to make a difference.

The services that “Let’s be different” offer are: health workshops with preventative care, educational services for physical, mental and spiritual conditions, activities for the elderly and women, helping to coordinate activities for families, churches, businesses, and many other services.

Tammy W. Hernandez.

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